About Street Games

About Street Games

I remember playing games as a kid out in the street, running around and having fun, not realising I was keeping fit and exercising but enjoying myself with my friends.

I am sure that most kids would prefer to be out with their friends rather than stuck in front of a computer chatting to people they don't even know and slowly getting fat. 

Street Games is a collection of games we played out in the street and sometimes indoors if it was raining.

Hope you enjoy this site, please let us know what you think.

I will be adding features along the way and will accept criticism or suggestions from anyone.

Thanks for stopping by, have fun and stay happy.

Search for Games

Whether you are trying to remember a game you used to play as a kid or find out the name of a game you once played or are just interested in games played in the street, this is the place for you. 

Search our list of games and find something that triggers a memory or inspires you.

Help identify Games

Have a look through our games listings and help identify names and rules that other people cannot remember.

Games have different names depending on where in the world they were played, there are many different rules based on the location, our aim is to bring all the details together so we can all enjoy the games and see how popular they were around the world.

Submit your Game

Do you remember playing a game that is not listed here, or maybe it is listed but you played it slightly differently.

Then submit the rules of the game and any other details you can think of.

Help us build a list of games we all used to love so much.