2 balls against a wall

Using 2 balls, one in each hand. 


or more Players

Throw 1 ball at the wall and, before bouncing back, throw the other one at the wall or up in the air.  Move over so your friend can take over or do tricks such as through your legs, do a turn, etc.  Great fun!

Submitted by Bev Earley

Comment 1

Kerrie Avery
Kerrie Avery
2017-02-06 21:23:59
We played two balls against a wall in the fifties.

It went;

one and plainsy,
two and over,
three and upsy,
four and dropsy,
five one handed,
six and round (turn right round),
seven and under (right leg),
eight and clapsy

...think it went on longer but I can't remember any more.  Can anyone finish it?

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