Jimmy Jimmy knacker

3 or more Players

Played in Wood Green in the 50's.
Specifically in Barratt Avenue.
Seeker or Finder or sometimes called simply 'IT'

Pick by eeny-meeny-miney the first seeker (or 'IT') , Throw out a ball as far as possible, seeker runs to retrieve & runs backwards back to a base & sets the ball down while everyone hides.  As seeker finds a hider he must run to the ball put a finger on top of the ball & point out whoever has been spotted & recite 'jimmy jimmy knacker one two three'.  It the person found or any other hider can get to the ball & kick it away before he finishes, the baseman must again retrieve the ball & run backward back to base & start again.  If he finishes the recitation the person found stays & helps spot others in the same way.  Anyone managing to kick the ball away before the recitation is finished releases all those found except the last one who then becomes the seeker.

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