For 2 players

This game requires a ball.  Various sized balls can be used but a football or basketball produces the best results.

A player stands at each edge of a kerb facing each other.  Each player takes turns with to hit the kerb.

The first player takes aim at the kerb and throws the ball.

If they miss the kerb then the second player takes possession of the ball and procedes to take their go.

If the ball hits the kerb cleanly and bounes back to the player then they score a point.

Having scored they keep the ball and move to the middle of the road and attempt the same again.

Each bounce from the middle counts as one point as well and this continues until that player misses.

Other Rules

if the ball bounces in the middle when both people are on their sides of the path its the first person who gets to it has a free throw in from the middle.
Posted by Anon

You try to hit to opposite curb, if you do and the ball bounces/rolls to your side of the curb you score one point. If the ball hits the curb and bounces up and you can catch it, you score five points.
First to twenty wins.
Posted by Paul Kershaw

How we score:
Hit the kerb = 1 point and move to the centre for centre shot.

From Centre:
Hit = 1 point and another shot from the centre.
Miss = move back to the kerb and game resumes with opponents standard shot.

Catch your own shot from a "bounce back" = 1 extra point ( standard move to the centre).
Catch an opponents shot from a "bounce up" = 1 point for catcher, none for shooter, no one moves to centre. Game resumes with catchers shot from his/her own kerb.

First to 5 wins.
Posted by: Boberto

Kirby is whereby a players stand on the curb opposite each other with the road in the middle. One player throws the ball preferably a football or basket ball and tries to get the ball to bounce off the curb and come back to them.

Each player takes it in turn until they get the ball to come back to them. When this happens the player that got it to hit of the curb gets 10 points.

They then stand in the middle of the road and try at close range to hit it off the curb for each of these they score 5 points.

If they miss the other person grabs the ball and as the misser is running back to the curb they try and hit them below the waist with the ball if they suceed they steal all there points.

The winner is the first person to a set amount of points which is decded at the start of the game
Posted by: Natalie

You can change the amount of points to get. Also you can set the amount of bounces the ball is allowed before it gets to the curb for younger players who arent as good at throwing the ball.

Different types of throws:
Basket: Two hands on ball over the head.
Poop-a-scoop: Facing backwards onto the road and throwing it through the legs.
One Two: Holding the ball in one hand and throwing it over arm.
Posted by: Natalie

After hitting the kerb you run back and forth between the two kerbs scoring 1 point each time until your opponent can hit you with the ball to stop your running. It then changes turn and the same happens. If failure to hit the kerb it goes to the oppositions turn.
Posted by: rachael

If the ball bounces back and hits the other curb it is called a double curby the person who threw that ball gets to move to the middle of the road and try and hit the curb as many times as possible.
Posted by: steve

When you have the ball you have to throw the ball to the kerb and if it hits it might come back or it will be your oponents turn and the first one to 5 wins the game however when you score a goal and its coming back but it goes to your oponents side its no point but if it goes to hit the curb and it comes back its 1 point there is 2 pointers and to get 2 pointers you need to not face the curb and throw it that means you turn round and you throw the ball from where you are if you get it in which will be hard you get the 2 points and you can play a tournemant that means that you have to score 1 point and your oponent is out and you go to the next round.
Posted by: dominic

If the set score is 15, then once a player has reached a score of 8 then the sides of the road, at which the players are standing, should be switched.
Strachalele: This is when you beat your opponent without them scoring a single point (also known as a granny).
Posted by: andy s

Changing the scoring by introducing random events, so that by throwing the ball at the opposite kerb and it then returning OVER a passing car would be 15 points. We called this 'French Kerby'.
Posted by: anon

As above for the most part but we also developed a variety of different ways to throw the ball and assigned different points value depending on their supposed difficulty. After a few years the list got extensive (and increasingly over the top!) but sadly I can't remember many of them. Highlights include, 'eyes closed', facing the other way and throwing it over your head, one handed under one leg. These were often fruitless but the lure of those extra points was impossible to resist as a child! Due to the freeform nature of street games different ways to throw got invented all the time.
Posted by: Dave

We used to play that you have to catch the ball from the kerb to be allowed to throw from the middle. If you miss when in the middle your opponent can throw to hit you before you make it back. If they do this they automattically throw from the middle.

As my nephew told me, these must be old skool kerby rules!!!
Posted by: Tony

players stand on opposites sides and try to bounce the ball off each others kerb. when this happens you reciev ten points. you then move tot the middle of the road and bounce the ball from a closer distance. (these shots are only 5 points) if you get a double kerb you get double your points
Posted by: Greg

The ball does not have to bounce back but just to make a clean bounce off the kerb. When the players are in the middle, if they miss a shot the person who didn't miss can throw the ball at the person trying to return to his kerb, if he hits the person who's hit loses all the points they gained in the middle. Extra points: Facing backword=5 points. If the ball bounces off the opponents kerb, then bounces of your kerb = 5 points.
Posted by: Canis

First player throws ball at the kerb. If they hit they score 1 point and have another throw (from same position, DO NOT GO TO MIDDLE) After one player scores 10 points, players switch ends. First player to score 20 points wins. 5 point can also be scored when the player throws the ball facing away from the kerb and throwing it over their head. It is best to this when on 15 points in order to win the game
Posted by: Kerb-E

Two or more players stand on opposite kerbs, across the street from each other.
A round ball is required (basketball is best but can play with football or maybe volleyball).
One player starts with the ball and tosses it towards the opposite kerb with the aim of landing the ball on the edge of the kerb, so that it bounces back in the direction that it came from (on the full, i.e. it must not bounce or roll before it hits the edge of the kerb).
If the player hits the kerb, she takes a step off the kerb, onto the road and towards the other kerb, and takes another go, until she fails to hit the kerb.
Once the first player misses the kerb, the other player takes her turn and so on, until one player reaches the opposite kerb, at which time she is the winner.
Posted by Cecelia Joyce

Other Names

Crubsies (or possibly more likely Curbsies) Submitted by Ethan Hunt

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