Murder Ball

10 Players

Items needed

1 football
as many friends you can get
1 high wall and a phone
The phone is for calling the parents if there is an injury (which there always is) but what a laugh we had!! Occasional visits A&E expected but all part of the fun.

Choose one person as the kicker and the rest of the players line up against the wall. 

The idea is to blast the ball as hard as you can and try to hit your friends anywhere on their body. 

When you do hit them they are out and you continue until all your friends are out. 

They can only move to avoid the ball when its kicked. 

Very simple game and everyone wants to be the kicker (of course). 

Not for young kids!

Posted by: JFK

Other Rules

2 players stand at each end of the field/playground/space. The 2 teams try to get the ball/brick/object to their player. They then score a point. There are no other rules. For added fun make the goal person stand on a chair as pulling it out from under them when they are about to receive the ball/brick/object only makes for more laughs. Very popular in cadet groups in the 70's &80's.
Posted by Peter Jackson

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