Patball is a game played by generations in the school yards around the world. 


or more Players

All you need to play is a tennis ball (or ball with similar properties), a wall, and a hand (more hands makes for a more interesting game).

The basics of the game are to hit the ball with the front or the back of your hand against the wall.  The ball must bounce on the floor before hitting the wall, and the aim is to hit the ball in such a way that the opponent cannot return it.  In this way it is similar to raquet sports.

Once the ball rebounds off the wall the opponent can hit the ball on the volley (the ball does not hit the ground) or after one bounce.  If the ball bounces twice the active player loses the point or in other forms of the game they could be eliminated.

The game can be played on your own, against one opponent in a scoring basis, or against multiple opponents in a knockout where shots are taken in rotation and the loss of a point results in being knocked out of the game.

Posted by: Chris Jenkins

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