I draw a snake

3 or more Players

One person who is 'IT' faces the wall. 

One of the other players draws a squiggle down 'IT''s back with their finger whilst chanting:

" I draw a Snake upon your back

Please can you tell me who did that? "

At that moment one of the players must poke 'IT' in the back.

'IT' then turns round and tries to guess who poked them.

If they guess correctly then that person becomes 'IT' and faces the wall...

If they guess wrong the person who is 'IT' must turn back round...

and the game goes on.•

Submitted by Marion

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  1. John McCawley
    by John McCawley

    Barnsley 1960s
    I draw a snake on this man's back, and who will lend it with a tap.  Not as good as dobby though.

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