You will need a tennis ball



4 twigs (size about 3-4inchs each) in the shape of cricket stumps, 3 vertical one horizontal

From about 3 meters away you need throw the ball to knock all the sticks down, once they are all down you have to run out..  then you have to make your way back to put up the sticks when done shout cannon

no one is allowed to stand over sticks.
once you get caught (had), you have to find the person that knocked the sticks down.

Submitted by Gary Tilley

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Adel Fidler
Adel Fidler
2017-08-11 21:18:07
I played this game or a variety of it in the 60's. 
Two teams of two or more players per team.  Chalk circle 1' diam.  (representing the hill upon which the cannon stands) place empty bean can (cannon) upside down in the centre of the circle.  On top of the can place 4-8 lollypop sticks crossing each other like this * (spokes of the cannons wheels). 
The teams stand opposite each other about 10 paces from the can.  One player from each team takes a turn to knock over (blow up) the can(non) using a thrown tennis ball (cannonball).  If both miss then the second player from each team takes a turn. 
Once the can has been knocked over its a race to reassemble the can and sticks in the circle before your team is knocked out of the game.  If your team knocks over the can then your team is defending the can (stopping it being replaced in the circle).  To defend you throw the ball at the opposite team member who is going for the ball.  The defenders can run FOR the ball but not WITH the ball.  They can also pass the ball to a team member.  Attackers in turn can defend themselves from attack by running, dodging or deflecting the ball using the BACK of the fists and forearms only! If the attacker is "shot" (hit with the ball) then the attacking player is out of the game and is now a spectator. 
The attackers race to reassemble the can before all are shot.  The attackers often only have time to assemble one piece before they must flee or risk being shot.  Upon completion of the can and sticks the game is over with the cry of "CANNON".  Congratulations, you won the war....  or is it commiserations you lost the war?

The game can be made more difficult by adding a token on top of the assembled can (the cherry on top), allowing the defenders to only shoot the enemy below the waist or the knees and/or freezing all players when a defender has the ball (feet only, the attackers can still defend or duck).  Can be played with more than two teams.

John Benjamin
John Benjamin
2017-06-19 07:10:45
Played this game 1958 called it 4 Sticks
Karen Morgan
Karen Morgan
2012-10-05 08:16:56
Hi just read about cannon game I used to play it when I was about 10.  That was 1984.  It was a brilliant game we used to put lolly pop sticks on top of a beans tin and knock over with a tennis ball.  What fond memories
jim newman
jim newman
2010-06-30 22:56:03
The other team had to hit you with the ball as you tried to rebuild the cannon.They were not allowed to run with the ball.Each person in the team has about 6 throws, if the cannon has not been completely knocked down after all the throws have been completed the throwing team stills runs out but does not get a cannon if they rebuild it ,but just stays in .If somebody knocks down a complete cannon with one ball they get a cannon with out running out.

Bob Harris
Bob Harris
2010-03-05 19:15:20
I played the game but do not remember the rules.
What do you mean by getting caught (had).
Also I do not understand the last paragraph re finding the person who knocked sticks down.
I thought the person who knocked the sticks down is the who is trying to put them back up.
As I played this game about 65 years ago, my memory is not what it was.
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