3 or more Players

Can be played with just two but has more effect when playing with 5 or more. 

This was my favourite game, I liked playing the fugitive.

One person is the fugitive.
The rest are the trackers.
The Fugitive is given chalk and then runs out.
The group count to 100 and then start to give chase.
The Fugitive MUST draw an arrow every time they change direction.
They can hide the arrows anywhere as long as they DO draw an arrow somewhere.
The group must find the arrows or listen for the fugitive and catch them before they make it home.
The group can split up but must stay in groups of at least two or three.

Other Names

Cops 'n' Robbers
Tracking (Northants) Posted by: MP
Paper Chase
On the Run
Man Hunt

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  1. Vincent Swift
    by Vincent Swift

    Sounds similar to Jack Jack shine your light played after dark Jack hides with a torch and has to shine it briefly before moving elsewhere when the chasers shout Jack Jack shine your light Game ends when they catch him

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