A street game. 


or more Players

Players were divided into arbitary numbers of runners and chasers., probably more runners than chasers.  There was a defined area called a "Den", with a chaser designated at "Den Keeper". 

Runners would set off and hide. 

Chasers would go out and find. 

When a runner was caught, either in hiding or on the run, the chaser must seize him and say "no twists, no turns, no breaks" before escorting the runner to the "Den".  If this was not said, the runner could squirm away. 

Once in the "Den" the runner was effectively in jail.  The "Den keeper" must stand with one foot in the den.  If two feet, or no feet, were in, the runner could run away.  This would continue until all runners were in the "Den". 

However, if a brave chaser could get near enough, he could run through the "Den" shouting "Lalio co-co-co!" and all the prisoners could then run away. 

This would go on until all runners were caught.

This complicated game was the way we played it in Liverpool (Kensington) in the 1950s.  There may be other versions out there.

Submitted by: Paula Pattullo

Other Rules

In other Liverpool areas, the chaser would say "Nokio Double-Twiss" when catching a runner. This had the same effect of not allowing any escape.

Submitted by: Paula Pattullo

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