Piggies and Wolves

1) A play area is chosen, usually a football pitch, a field or other grassy area.


or more Players

2) There are two ends to the area, marked out by trees etc where the piggies are "Safe"

3) A wolf is chosen randomly from the players, everyone else becomes a piggy.

4) The idea of the game is to run from one end of the pitch to the other without being tackled by the wolf.

5) Anyone that gets tackled down becomes a new wolf.

6) Last piggy standing wins.

Submitted by: Jack

Other Rules

Once you are down to the last few piggies it is often easy for them to not want to leave the "Safe" area. A count down must then be started. Anyone that doesn't leave the safe area and attempt to run to the other side becomes a wolf automatically.

Other Names

What time is it Mr Wolf

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