I've never heard of anybody mentioning this game other than those who lived on my street so I have no idea if it's a well known game or just something that got invented on our street at one time.


or more Players

One person, the 'Chaser', would count to 20 at a lamppost and the other players would run and hide, the 'Hiders'.

The Chaser would then have to go and find the Hiders and if they found a player they would have to run to the lamppost and say 'Rally-o 1-2-3 caught {name of person}'

The first person found would be the Chaser in the next game.

The Hiders aim was to get to the lamppost without the Chaser seeing them and saying 'Rally-o 1-2-3 saves {name of person}'.

The Chaser has to be at the lamppost to catch a Hider so sometimes a race would break out to the lamppost.

The twist in the game was that if the last Hider beat the Chaser to the lamppost and says 'Rally-o 1-2-3 saves all' the Chaser would have to carry on as the Chaser in the next game

Submitted by Liam

Other Names

Tin Can A-Lurky : Submitted by Robert Tucker
Bung Out : Submitted by Gary Wright
Lalio : (or Laleo) Submitted by Gary Wright

Comment 6

Brian Wilcox
Brian Wilcox
2021-08-16 23:59:13
This was a popular street game in the 1940's in Denton, Manchester.
2021-07-11 16:31:25
Played something really similar to this in Croatia from early 2000s to 2010
Gary wright
Gary wright
2017-07-08 21:14:55
The tin can game sounds almost identical to a game we called bung out which was played with a ball or can.
Gary wright
Gary wright
2017-07-08 21:13:34
Sound identical to a game we used play called Lalio (or laleo) in Appleton area of Widnes in the 70s and 80s.
Robert Tucker
Robert Tucker
2017-05-06 18:13:03
Just about identical to the game I played known as Tin Can A-Lurky, A tin can was placed at the foot othe lamp post, IT had to put his foot on the tin, and call out 1 2 3 I saw [ named person].  If that person got to tin first, he would throw it down the road, and while it was being retrieved, any players caught could escape.  In addition, if IT called out an incorrect name, False Alarm was called, and the tin was again despatched down the road.  You were allowed to deliberately set up a false alarm call e.g.  by exchanging coats and letting yourself be seen.
Vincent Swift
Vincent Swift
2017-04-14 00:46:50
This sounds similar to deleavio but there were two teams of chasers and hiders and the chasers hdenad to catch al the hiders and take them prisoner to a den usually a building wall If a free hider touched the den without being caught and said deleavio the prisoners could all escape and have to be caught again.The Chasers got to be the hiders only when they had made all the hiders prisoners.It was a game played in many parts of the world including the US
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