Three Stoney

4+ Players


or more Players

You will need:
Three flat stones of slightly different sizes.
Tennis ball.

First of all you split into two teams of equal size and place the three stones on top of each other in the street. 

Decide which team goes first.
The first team stands about 12' away from the stones and rolls the tennis ball at the stones to try and knock them over.
Everyone takes a turn to knock down the stones. 

If all the team misses then they stand behind the stones whilst the other team takes a turn the to hit the stones.

The first team to hit the stone has to run and hide whilst the other team counts to ten and then chases them.

If one of the hiding team is caught then they bacome a prisoner.
If any of the hiding team makes it back to rebuild the stones they win the game.
Posted by: Chris Parker

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Jennifer Gore
Jennifer Gore
2016-06-08 22:50:42
We loved the game played as described by Ash Ibrahim.  We called it Platters and it was played with two teams on the kerbs opposite each other.  The platters were piled in the middle of the road on our housing estate in Cambridge, England.  That was in the 1950s.
Albert George
Albert George
2012-09-15 17:44:10
The game I played was similar, it was called 'Cannon', I don't know why.  A tin can was place against a wall with two sticks placed on top in the form of a cross.  Two teams were formed.  One team tried to hit the Cannon (the tin & sticks) over using a tennis ball.  The opposing team had to try and rebuild the cannon without being hit by the ball thrown by the team who broke the cannon.  If you were hit by the ball you were out of the game.  If the rebuilding team managed to get the cannon rebuilt they won.  If the team throwing the ball hit every member of the opposing team with the ball, they won.
A simple game with endless fun.
Ash Ibrahim
Ash Ibrahim
2009-01-29 23:50:22
Played a game very similar to this as a lad, the only differences being that we used seven flat stones (building a small pyramind type structure) and the way people from the team who managed to knock the structure down were caught was by throwing a tennis ball to tag them (risky but loads of fun).  Otherwise the same rules.  The game is called Pittoo (Kashmiri, origin i think).
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