Torch Block

The more players the better. 



Pretty much the same idea as hide and seek, but you have a post (block) to count from. 

Count to whatever and shout "Coming ready or not?"

The same post is used by the hiders to try and run to before being found. 

It is a race between hider and seeker to the post. 

If the seeker finds you and gets to the post 1st, they shout "1,2,3 Block" and then the name of who they have have found. 

If the hider gets there 1st, they just shout "1,2,3 Block". 

The 1st person to have been caught is on it next. 

If no-one is found, then the same person is on it again.

All this can be done during daylight or at night with torches.

Posted by: Zoe Townsend

Other Names

1-2-3 Block : Submitted by Pip

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