Shove ha-penny

For groups of 2 or more. 

Indoor Version
Named after an old game played wherever a table can be found, such as in a pub.  An old half penny, or ha'penny, was placed on the edge of the table and then hit with the palm of the hand.  The ha'penny would slide down the table and the nearest to the furthest edge was the winner.

If the ha'penny went off the end you lose.  Tactical play meant the next player could aim for your ha'penny and knock it out of play.

Outdoor Version
Another version of this game uses coins again but instead of inside on a table this game is played outside in the road.  Each player takes a coin and standing a set distance from a wall or kerb attempts to toss the coin towards this edge.
The second player attempts to toss their coin from the same distance.
Whoever is the closest wins a point (or for gamblers wins the coins).

Other Rules

If the coin lands vertically against the wall/kerb then that is known as an erection and either gets 10 points or wins all games played so far.

If the coin lands on any edging above the kerb/wall such as on a skirting board then this also is an instant winner or extra points are awarded.

Other Names

Pitch and Toss : If played for money I think it is illegal.

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