Murder in the Dark

Tear up strips of paper, enough for every person playing.



Place an 'X' on one piece and a 'D' on another, the rest remain blank.

Fold the pieces up and put them in a 'hat' (box, bowl, vase, hat etc) and everyone then chooses a piece.

Everyone should keep their paper secret other than the one who gets the 'D' who is now the detective.

The detective should go to the light switch and wait.

When everyone is ready the lights are switched out and everyone must scatter around the room.

The person who had 'X' on their piece of paper is the murderer and must now sneak up to someone and whisper 'YOUR DEAD' in their ear.

When this happens the person who has been 'Murdered' must scream and drop to the floor.

On hearing this the 'Detective' should switch on the lights and demand that everyone stay where they are.

The detective can then question everyone who must tell the truth except for the 'Murderer' who can lie.

Now having asked all the questions the 'Detective' must make an accusation.

If accused the 'Murderer' cannot lie and must admit it. 

If someone else is accused they must state why they could not possibly be the 'Murderer' and the 'Detective' can have a second guess.

Posted by: David Radisic

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