Children make a circle holding hands while one person is in the middle of the circle. 


or more Players

They ring the person while singing "Look who's here Punchinella, Punchinella, look who's here Punchinella in the shoe."

The person in the middle does an activity and everyone repeats the activity.
Dropping their hands as they repeat.
All sing again and stop circling.

"We can do it too Punchinella, Punchinella, we can do it too Punchinella in the shoe."

Grab hands and circle again while the person in the middle covers his or her eyes and points as the children circle.

Whomever the person in the middle is pointing to when the circle stops he or she is the next person in the middle.

Game continues until all children have had a turn ensuring that the same person doesn't go twice.  They must cover eyes and children circle again until a new person is selected.

Repeat song and activity after each child in the middle from the beginning.

Posted by: Teresa

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