2 Players

On the sidewalk you draw a large rectange with some chalk and about 10 smaller boxes around the 'board', number them 1-10, then you take a bottle cap (usally filled with melted crayon for weight) and try to go around the board and get to the home base first while trying to knock the other players man out of the box.

Other Rules

When you reach the last box you go out of town and return as a killer player. If you hit another player 3x they are out of the game. If another killer player hits you 1x you out of the game. Also you can play with thirteen boxes, the boxes in the middle are double and the numbers are alternated across the board.
Posted by: Kirby Woodham

Other Names

Scummy Submitted by Tony
DEADBLOCK Submitted by Blaine C.

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  1. Blaine C.
    by Blaine C.

    I grew up in Southwest Philly.  In the 60's & 70's we also called it "DEADBLOCK" and it was our favorite pass time along with spinning tops.  The rules would vary at times and we used any kind of top with tar from the street inside.

  2. Brother /day
    by Brother /day

    In Phila, PA, this {type} game was known as DEAD BLOCK.  In Baltimoe, MD it's called Skillet.  Send me a mailing address, and I will send you the outline of the playing court and the rules of play.  Similar to your SKULLY; howeover much more intricate.

  3. cykkatt
    by cykkatt

    we use to call it Deadman or Deadblock in South Philly

  4. Diane
    by Diane

    I played this as a child in upper Manhattan.  I was telling co-workers about it, and because of their age they never heard of it...glad someone else remembers.

  5. fritz533
    by fritz533

    I remember playing Dead Block, but the rules were a little different.  We played with sanded checkers that were topped with sanded glue.

    Lots of south Philly street fun!

  6. Marsha
    by Marsha

    It's funny at 59 years old I still want to play.  I grew up in West Philly was not a Tom-boy but could beat most of the males I played.  I was just sitting here thinking about dead block.  Now who wants to play.  Lol

  7. Norm Chazin
    by Norm Chazin

    We played this game in Atlantic City in the 50's - a cross between marbles and darts - played with bottle caps on the sidewalk with squares numbered with chalk.

  8. Sunfish
    by Sunfish

    I learned the game from my father, who was born in Meriden, CT in 1903.  He would have played as a child - ca 1908 - 1913.  He called it Skillet.  We played it in the asphalt street, with empty shoe polish tins that were refilled with clay.

  9. Tony
    by Tony

    I played the same game in Philly, Pa.  we called it Scummy, because we would play on the street and get real dirty.  Submitted by Tony

  10. W. Bradley Miles
    by W. Bradley Miles

    I was born and raised in Philly and retired from the Fire Dept.  In the Philippines now and want to show my nephews how to have home made fun.  They don't have a clue and I don't remember all the rules.  Thanks in advance, Miles

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