99 in

Pick one person to be 'it'. 



Choose a base (this is where that person closes their eyes and counts, while the others hide), the rest of the players must go and hide.

Once the person has finished counting, they have to try and find the hiders, to do this they should spot the hider and run to base and say 99 out the name of the person they have spotted and where they are hiding before the other person gets to base.

If the seeker makes it to base before the hider then the hider is a prisoner.

If a hider successfully makes it to base without being caught then they can release any prisoners that have been caught.

the person that has been caught and not released becomes the next person to be 'it'.

Other Names

99 : Submitted by Jodie
pom-pom : Submitted by Jodie
block : Submitted by Lily
ackee123 : Submitted by Lily
123 dunya : Submitted by Lily

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