Bum Tag

Pick one person to be "ON".


or more Players

That person will stand in front of the other players with a wall or something behind them.

When a person tries to run out of the den, the person who is "ON" will try and catch them with their bum.

If they get out without being "bum tagged" then they can stay out until they want to go back in the den.

If the person who is "ON" gets them with their bum then the person who is caught are "ON" too.

If the person "ON" gets the person with their hands then they are out.

If there is only one person in the den and hasn't been caught they are the winner!

But if you are in the den for the game and haven't been out once then you are "ON" as well.

Submitted by Cara

Other Names

Bum Bum get me
Get out Forever

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