Please sir may I cross the water

One person (let's call them the chaser) stands on one side of the road.  The the road is the water.


or more Players

Everyone else stands on the other side of the road on the opposite pavement

The group all say together

Please miss/sir may I cross the water
To see the King's daughter
To throw her in the water
To see if she can swim

The chaser says something like "only if you are wearing green".  Anyone wearing green can then walk cross the road. 

After a few such questions to eliminate more people there are only a few people left on the opposite side of the road.  They all then have to run across the road to avoid being caught by the chaser who runs out and tries to catch them. 

Anyone touched is caught and is out.  The running and catching continues with the chaser and the chased swapping to opposite sides until only one person hasn't been caught.  That person is the winner of that game.  They then become the chaser and the game starts again.

Posted by Mike Toozer - Played in Cardiff, Wales UK in the early 1960's by me

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2017-08-10 11:29:20
We play this game nearly every day.
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