Two teams A & B, a wall, three stones, a small ball (tennis ball is ideal) and a long hot summer. 

Toss a coin, or ip dip somehow choose which team is in. 

The out team "team A" build the three stones into a pryamid against a few centimeters from the wall, they (team A) then each take a turn at trying to knock the pyramid down using the ball, standing directly in front of pryamid about three yards away. 

As soon as the pyramid is knocked down team A scatters. 

Team B who have been standing nearby retrieve the ball and have to tag team A out of the game by hitting them with the ball.

Team A meantime have to try and rebuild the pyramid.  If team A manage to rebuild the pyramid they remain in, if team B manage to tag all of team A out before the pyramid is rebuilt, team B get in and the whole process starts again.

Posted by: coco de mer

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