Throwing, Tagging Game

One person is chosen to be 'it' and holds the ball.

S/he selects a subject, i.e. Colour, number, letter, animal etc. S/he then goes away so they can't hear the rest of the group.

The rest of the group then chose a number, colour etc for each member of the group including the person who is it.

They then stand next to the person who is 'it' and gives them all the chosen names, number etc. Including their own.

The person who is 'it' throws the ball up in the air and shouts one of the names.

While the ball is in the air everyone runs as far away from the person who is 'it' as they can, at the same time they shout the name of the person who has that name, colour.

The person who is that number, colour has to run and catch the ball. When they catch it they shout 'stop' and everyone has to freeze. They then take three paces towards the nearest person and throw the ball at them.

If it hits them they are 'it'. If not that person is 'it'.

If the original person who is 'it' calls out their own name everyone shouts 'yourself' and they have to catch the ball.

Submitted by June Scott

Other Names

This game had a one word name but I can't remember it.

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  1. Anni
    by Anni

    I think this game was called Spud

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